Strengthening the Sea Wall

Earlier this year considerable work was done on strengthening the sea wall, close to the Blind Yeo outfall. So the flora has faced considerable disruption, much of that area of the Pill has been covered in gravel and boulders for quite a while

However, on closer inspection some of the plants that grow mainly in that part of the Pill seem to have survived…

Sea Arrowgrass (tall flowers), Common Sea Lavender and Long-bracted Sedge

The Perennial Sow-thistle, meanwhile has been making hay while the sun shines, colonizing the bare earth without any trouble at all.

Perennial Sow Thistle Sonchus arvensis

Perennial Sow Thistle Sonchus arvensis

Sonchus arvenisi colonizing bare earth

Meanwhile the rest of the Pill is covered with Bush Vetch and Meadow Vetchling in a quite spectacular display.

Vicia cracca

Bush Vetch, Vicia cracca

Meadow Vetchling Lathyrus pratensis